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Makayla & Zack stopped at Grand Teton National Park on part of their epic road trip from the east coast. They live in Arizona, but were traveling out east and the midwest to spend time with family. They left Iowa and drove 16 hours straight to the Tetons…oof!! But if you’ve ever been to Grand Teton National Park, you’ll know that it’s soooo worth spending endless hours in the car.

Along for the ride was their sweet pup, Lowa! They adopted her at the beginning of the Covid quarantine madness, and she’s already been to more states than probably most humans have! Talk about a lucky pup.

Since dogs are only allowed in very limited areas in the national park, we decided to meet outside the park for photos. We decided on this spot in a nearby forest, and WOW it did not disappoint. Because of the park’s strict requirements, many people don’t think they can have a Grand Teton engagement session with a dog, but you just gotta get creative! I love finding ‘secret’ spots like this outside parks, it was a good reminder to venture off the beaten path.

If you want engagement photos that show off your wild & adventurous side, a national park (or nearby) is the perfect place! I’ll help you find the perfect spot <3

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