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let's find your wild aisle

wild aisle (noun) // 

an unconventional place, usually in nature, where unconventional, adventurous couples choose to get married

"That was perfect.

how all
should be."

- Becki & Windsor

I'm here to make your wedding your best day so far.

I'm not here to make your wedding the  best day ever

This is the start of the biggest adventure of your lives. You two have a lifetime of exciting experiences ahead of you, so don't fool yourself into thinking this is the peak - this is just the beginning. 

I’ll help you plan the elopement you’ve been dreaming of, with all the excitement and none of the stress. Let’s find you an aisle out in the wild, one that is so perfectly you.

You're in the right place if...

your favorite thing to collect is passport stamps (and maybe some postcards along the way)

your inbox is full of flight deals, and you always volunteer to pay the tab to rack up those credit card points 

you thriiiive going against the status quo (living in a van? spending a month living in Europe? yes pls.)

you’re just as comfortable sipping wine in the lobby of a 7-star hotel as you are camping under the stars.

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"She is able to flawlessly capture natural, candid moments that aren't posed or rigid."
- Kat + Connor

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Sure, I’m your elopement photographer, but I'm also your cheerleader, planner, travel master and adventure extraordinaire. I give you support + experience to help bring the elopement of your dreams to life. When you hire me, I make it easy by including everything you need for a low stress, big adventure, perfectly you elopement.

I help you plan + execute every step of the way. 

Are you ready to stop doing it all on your own?

Making everyday an experience to remember is my thing. Whether it's a hike to a backcountry campsite or munchin' on spicy street food in Bangkok - I'm into anything that pushes me outside of my comfort zone. Whatever you want to experience on your day, we can make that happen.

I'm Erin! Your elopement photographer  and experience creator

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