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But different doesn't mean complicated. that's where i come in.

You've always done thiNgs a little different - WHY SHOULD YOUR WEDDiNG DAY BE AN EXCEPTION?

your weddiNg day should be FUN

I'll let you in on a secret:

your favorite thing to collect is passport stamps (and maybe some postcards along the way)

you've become the go-to person for travel tips for friends + fam

you thriiiive going against the status quo (living in a van? yes pls.)

having a full-blown wedding is just not your vibe

hi hello, this is me - let's get started

You're in the right place if:

Adventuring is my thing. Whether it's a hike to a backcountry campsite or munchin' on spicy street food in Bangkok - I'm into anything that pushes me outside of my comfort zone. Whatever 'adventure' means to you, I'll help you include it on your wedding day.

I'm EriN! Your elopement photOgrapher  and experience creatOr

now that we've established that you're in the right place, let me introduce myself

hear WHAT WILd aisle couples are sayiNg...

becki + windsor

She had so much enthusiasm for our day, ideas to improve our elopement experience and guidance on our many questions. Not only did Erin take some spectacular photos, she actually performed our wedding, too! We were so excited to have the intimate, adventure experience we hoped for. After the ceremony, my husband even said to me, "that was perfect. That's how all weddings should be." She acted as photographer, officiant, ring bearer, wedding sherpa, gear carrier, wildlife scout and so much more.

"She put so much thought and attention into the small details to make our day special. I still get emotional thinking of the day"

five star reviews

alison + kurt

Erin is just the best. She went above and beyond to create a meaningful, highly personalized elopement experience for my now-husband and I. Erin has an intuitive way of bringing the best out of couples, and she created a fun-filled day and captured it beautifully on camera. She has a knack for being attentive but also "invisible," making you feel cared for but also free to focus on your partner.

"Erin has an intuitive way of bringing the best out of couples. She's attentive but also "invisible," making you feel cared for but also free to focus on your partner."

alicia + anthony

She continued to keep us excited, wishing the day came sooner! She checked in multiple times to ensure she could do everything in her power to make sure the ceremony went perfect and was customized to our liking. Even on the day, we wound up with crazy high winds and sleet but she was all in for weathering the storm with us and had a great attitude and excitement that was unreal!  I would have Erin marry us over and over again! IF YOU'RE QUESTIONING HIRING ERIN OR NOT, HIRE HER! DO IT!

"We never felt weird or posed, she just let us do our thing and captured our moments in our natural habitat. We ended up with beautiful pictures and memories we will cherish forever." 

Amanda + brenton

One thing we have found difficult is finding photographers that are willing to spend adventures with us and capture us in our natural element rather than styling shoots and posing us.
Erin encouraged us to just walk the beach and be ourselves. It made it fun and lighthearted, and I think it truly made all the difference in the pictures!!

"Erin was a superstar at making sure what she was capturing was true to us."

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Sure, I’m your elopement photographer, but I'm also your cheerleader, planner, travel master and adventure extraordinaire. I give you support + experience to help bring the elopement of your dreams to life. When you hire me, I make it easy by including everything you need for a low stress, big adventure, perfectly you elopement.

I help you plan + execute every step of the way. 

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