It’s not just my sense of adventure or my love for the outdoors or even my wildly intense attention to detail. Helping you elope is my calling because I believe in what it means to do something for you on your wedding day.

There’s a lot that can stand in your way when it comes to eloping: what your parents want for you, being overwhelmed by the possibilities, the logistics of planning a trip to a place you’ve never been, the list goes on. But I’m here to remove all those obstacles and cheer you on every step of the way.


What if I tOld you I was put on earth to help you elope?

Backpacking around Europe for 5 weeks

favorite trip so far:

Zion or Grand Teton (it's so hard to choose just one!)

favorite national park:

England, where I studied abroad for 4 months

First foreign country:

I've traveled to 21 states + 19 countries (so far)

Travel count:

I was 20 when I left the US for the first time. I packed my huge ass suitcase full of things I didn't need and boarded my flight to England, where I lived for 4 months. (Oh, young Erin, why oh why did you pack a tub of peanut butter?)

That 4 months taught me how to pack the hell out of a backpack and that I would spend the rest of my days seeing the world. Nowadays, my passport is filled with stamps, my heart is filled with gratitude and my mind is filled with memories from all of the places I've been. My past adventures are fuel for my next ones.

As a fellow travel-holic, you know there is something undeniable about traveling to new places, or returning to places you love. Since exploring new places is such a big part of you, it only makes sense to include it in your big day. And I'll be there to make it happen.

come fly with me

Hey, I'm EriN

Van-lifing around Iceland

top bucket list trip:

I use my experience + expertise from traveling all over the world to make sure all the bases are covered for your day

I'm ordained, so I can marry you + your partner in most states and even some other countries!

My travels = your gain

I can marry you!

I'm a certified Leave No Trace Aware photographer - that means I make sure your day has minimal  impact on public lands. Responsible recreation FTW!

I donate a percentage of all packages to initiatives that promote intersectional climate justice 

Putting my money where my mouth is 

let's put the environment first

why wild aisle?

The stuff that really matters to me (and probably to you too)

Camping is one of my favorite things ever and I do it as much as I can.

One of my favorite things about travel is trying new food - which is why I love Thailand + Italy so much!

I'm an enneagram nine, which means I'm easy-going, empathetic + adaptable. All traits I use when planning your day!

I married my high school sweetheart, Jon. We've been together for 13 years (!!) and married for 4

experiences >>>> things

Wanna know more about what I'm about?

Jasper National Park, Canada

camping with our pup, Axel

We love our pup, Axel. He's 5 but has the energy of a 5-month-old and definitely keeps life interesting

"She acted as photographer, officiant, ring bearer, wedding sherpa, gear carrier, wildlife scout and so much more. She put so much thought and attention into the small details to make our day special."
- Becki + Windsor

"From the moment we connected, Erin wanted to make sure our wedding photography was exactly what we were looking for."
-Aleks + Joe

"She went above and beyond to create a meaningful, highly personalized elopement experience for my now-husband and I. She took the time to listen to our visions for the day"
- Alison + Kurt

"She was able to capture all of the great moments from our big day while fading into the background."
-Jen + joe

"she made it the least awkward you can imagine. We actually never felt weird or posed, she just let us do our thing and captured our moments in our natural habitat."
-ALicia + Anthony

"After the ceremony, my husband even said to me, "that was perfect. That's how all weddings should be."
- becki + windsor

so that's me + my stOry. 

and here's what past couples say about working with me:

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So, are you ready tO get this thIng started?





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